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Wild & Soft Animal Disguise

  • £8500

The Wild & Soft animal costumes make a fantastic unique gift and are sure to provide little ones with hours of entertainment. The pockets at the end of the paws are easy slip your hands into and the cap shaped head allows a comfortable fit.

The animal costumes can be used in many ways: as a fun costume, unique rug, a soft games mat or a warm blanket.

Each disguise is handmade and made with the finest faux fur. Each one is so realistic and super soft. 

Every animal varies is size slightly.

3 steps of Cleaning 

1. Remove stains with a warm damp cloth and wipe softly in the direction of the fur.
2. If the fur became matted take an old tiny hearbrush to softly comb the fur.
3. If really needed. The products are safe to hand wash or cold wash.


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