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♡ Hand crafted Pure Soy Candle Collection ♡

Every candle is handmade by me in Essex, in very small batches using the finest of ingredients from local suplliers.

All my candles are made from 100% pure soy wax (no paraffin and no hardening additives) and only cotton or eco wicks are used.

Vegan kind ♡ Eco friendly ♡ Cruelty free ♡ Naturally Organic 

I have a varied collection of glass vessels, some modern and some vintage one offs!

My candles are hand poured in very small batches in a clean atmosphere.

I only use 100% pure organic soy so your candle surface may be uneven after each burn, remember this is natural wax.

Make sure that the first burn reaches the sides of the vessel, ideally burn time is 1.5 / 3 hours max

Always trim your wick 1 cm before each burn. Please read the candle love guide that arrives with your candle.

Thank you guys and enjoy your candle.

Jill x

Gift wrap and UK Delivery is included on every order